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Lake Zwarberg – Jerun Terlaak


“I have visited and photographed this location a number of times. The overal colour and tone of the place changes dramatically throughout the day and in each season. The milky texture of the water, the stark contrast of the reeds and the golden colours of the canopy came out best one early September morning, just as the first rays of light shone over the hills in the east.” – Jerun Terlaak

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Lake Zwarberg

Named after local businessman Albert Zwar in 1912, Lake Zwarberg was formed from the sluice-pit left behind after alluvial gold mining operations. From the beginning, ‘special efforts’ made by the Beechworth Progress Association to ‘improve’ the Lake came to nought. Attempts to turn it into a trout fishery failed, maybe because the trout fingerlings were eaten by the Lake’s resident population of ‘rakali’ — a carnivorous native rodent with thick waterproof fur and webbed feet, which can still be seen in the early morning light. Today Lake Zwarberg remains a strange little lake, fringed with lurid green water plants, beckoning passers-by with its twisted gums and eerie reflections. – Jacqui Durrant

Jerun Terlaak

Inspired by photographers like Joel Sternfeld and Andreas Gursky, Jerun started taking photos in the late nineties. By the grace of his wife, he became proficient at developing film and prints, locked away in the tiny bathroom of their not much bigger flat in London. At the start of the millennium, the transition from film to digital led to a career in web and graphic design. Today Jerun tells stories through video and works as a photographer and content producer for a range of clients.


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